Create an Admiral account

You can easily create an account in minutes.


Create an Admiral account

Go to and click "Get Admiral Free.


Step 1: Create Account

Enter your name, email, password, and phone number. Then, click "Create Account."


Step 2: Create Property 

Enter your organization name, property name, and property domain. 

RPM is the advertising revenue per one-thousand pageviews. In other words, this is the Page RPM.  For more information on Page RPM, see this article


Step 3: Install Admiral

The next page has your Admiral install tag.  

To install Admiral, paste the tag into the <head> of every page of the property you are tracking.

Click "Continue to dashboard" to proceed. 

Warning: it's best to paste the tag directly onto your site and not into a tag manager. Tag managers can be blocked by adblock users. 


Step 4: Admiral Dashboard

Once your tag is installed your analytics will begin to populate (typically, within an hour). 

Note: You can always access your tag from your dashboard by clicking on the Install tab.



Frequently Asked Questions

I just installed Admiral on my site. Why am I not seeing an Admiral message?

Have you created a journey and turned it on? You will not see an Admiral engage message until you create and activate a journey. For more guidance, here is an article on creating a journey


I just installed Admiral, what should I do next?

Click on the links below to help you get started. 


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