How often should my messages appear?

Frequency suggestions for Adblock and Subscription messages.



If you have created a journey and designed the message, you may be wondering how often your message(s) should appear. 

Here's the answer: your engagement frequency should depend on the ask or offer in your message. For example, you may want to engage adblock users (about disabling their adblocker) more frequently than non-subscribers (about subscribing). 

Before we dive into explaining frequency, there are two types of messages you need to know: Soft and Gated

Soft message:  Contains an option to "Continue without disabling". In other words, the visitor is not required to disable their adblocker to continue viewing content. 

Gated message: A visitor must comply with the request in the message to continue. This is useful when gating content from non-subscribers or adblock users. 


Suggested Frequency for Adblock Recovery and Subscription Messages

  • Adblock Recovery:
    • We recommend what we call a Smart Engage. A Smart Engage has 3 steps:
      1. A Soft message is displayed once every 3 pageviews, and this is repeated 3 times.
      2. Next, a Gated message is displayed once per 1 pageview, and this is repeated 3 times.
      3. Following this, either the journey resets or a Gated message continues to appear in perpetuity. 

TIP: You can enable the journey to wait a set number of pageviews (or hours, or minutes) between engages. In the example below of a Smart Journey, after showing the Gated engage, the journey resets after three pageviews. 

      • Example of a Smart Journey

NOTE: A Smart Journey typically recovers at 2X the rate of a Soft-only Journey.


  • Subscriptions
    • We recommend frequency settings to be between once per day to once per three pageviews.
      • Less aggressive: 1 subscription message per day. 

      • More aggressive: 1 subscription message every 3 pageviews. 

IMPORTANT: If you are gating content from non-subscribers on certain pages, you will likely want to target non-subscribers on those pages every pageview.