Create and design an Admiral engage message

Basic Engage tutorial that will cover: Customization, Basic Segmentation, Frequency and a full start to finish guide to create an Engage yourself.

Tables of Contents

1. Engage types

2. Adding your logo

3. Header and Message

4. Background and Border

5. Actions

6. Footer

7. Segmentation

8. Frequency

Engage Creation

Engage Types

  • Banner Engage 
    • No engage pop up; creates a section on the bottom of the page for the engage instead
  • Soft Engage
    • This is the standard engage that has a pop-up and allows you to click through without disabling your adblocker
  • Gated Engage
    • Does not allow you to continue without disabling your adblocker

In order of most to least effective at recovering adblock users

1. Gated Engage

2. Soft Engage

3. Banner Engage

Adding your Logo

To add your logo to an Engage simply paste the image address into the logo section under the header

TIP: If your logo does not show on a white background it may appear to be broken but you just need to change the background color

Header and Message

  • Under the header section, you can change the initial messaging that is defaulted to: It looks like you're using an adblocker ( in addition to adding your logo as shown above)
  • Under the Message section, you are able to customize the wording to better fit your brand Identity
    • There are two other options: Text color - changes the color of both the message body and the header. Text Background color - changes the engage background color ( the background behind the engage can be customized in another section)

TIP: You can copy and paste the hexacode to match the engage perfectly with your site! To obtain the hexacode value for any of your colors if you do not know them, I personally use this tool; which is a chrome extension that lets you click on a color and get its value.

Background and Border

  • Background color - changes the color of the area of the screen behind the engage

    • Typically the background color is set to be partially transparent which is accomplished by using the bar underneath the color selecting one

  • Border color - changes the color of the border of the engage by default the width is 0 so it will not appear until you change border width to something greater than 0
    • If you want a border on your engage with smooth corners the typical sizes used are:
      • border width - 3 px
      • border radius - 10 px


  • Primary button(text) color -  changes the color of the main engage button(s)* and its text
    • To change the primary button messaging simply change the text of the box labeled  "Show Whitelist instructions" Link Text (Primary Button)"
  • "Continue to Site" Text (Secondary Button)This button is actually hidden in the text "Continue without Disabling".
    • To change the secondary button messaging simply change the text of the box labeled  "Continue to Site" Text (Secondary Button)"
    • The color of this text can be changed in the Footer section**
    • This button will not show on Hard Engages 


  • Footer Text Color - changes the color of Support Leader Text  and Support Link Text
    • Default for Support Leader Text is: Need Help?
    • Default for Support Link Text is: Contact Support
  • Footer Continue Text Color - changes the color of "Continue to Site" secondary button 
  • Footer Background color - changes the color of the entire footer background ( by default it is slightly transparent and automatically changes colors to match the message back ground color.

If using a border, matching the footer color to the border can really make your engage POP!

Basic Segmentation

  • Segmentation allows you to chose what types of visitors you want to engage
    • The two most basic kinds of segmentation are:
    • Blocking Status 
      • show engage to all visitors
      • show engage to only adblockers
      • show only to non-adblockers
      • show only to whitelisted visitors
      • show only to users who have not whitelisted
    • Subscription Status:
      • show engages to only non-subscribers (default)
      • show engages to only subscribers
      • show to both subscribers and non-subscribers 



Engages are not only for recovering revenue from adblockers with segmentation you can do all kinds of things such as drive all your white-listed and/or subscribed users to your Social Media pages while still engaging adblock users to whitelist your site!


  • Frequency of an engage effects how often a user will be engaged and can be set based on 5 parameters
    • Pageviews (recommended), Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days

Smart Engage is the recommended starting point for engage frequency

  • To create a smart engage set the frequency of the first engage to 1 per 3 page views and then leave the default continue after a user engaged 3 times
  • Then clone your engage and set it's frequency to once per page view


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