Create an Offer

How to create the following types of offers: paid subscription, one-time payment, donation, registration, email collection, social media follow.


IMPORTANT: Creating the Offer is the first of two steps you must complete when going live with an Offer on your website. The second step is creating a Journey. In other words, you must attach the Offer to a Journey.  



Subscription Offer 

  • Add your Offer Name and Description
  • To change your Currency setting from US Dollars to another currency, click on the dropdown menu (below Description and above Pricing). 
  • Add your desired subscription Price and intended Billing Period. The most common billing periods are one month and one year (i.e., a monthly and an annual subscription). 


  • Click on Introductory Pricing to allow a lower price for a set number of months.


The example above is a $5.00 per-month subscription plan, with an introductory first-month price of $1.00. 


  • You have the option to restrict intro pricing to new users, allow users to pay the processes fee, and allow this offer to be offered on multiple properties. 


  • Next, you may make optional or require subscribers to give you the following first-party data: Name, Address, Phone, Company Name. 
  • Assign a key/value pair to this offer (this will attach to every subscription originating from this offer. 

  • Lastly, if you have created an Add-on (such as a Newsletter), you may attach it to this offer. 

One-Time Offer

Create a one-time offer if you would like to give your visitors the option to purchase something they only have to pay for once. An example of this kind of offer is a lifetime membership. 

The only difference between the creation of a one-time offer and a subscription is that a one-time offer does not have the option of introductory pricing (because the billing does not recur).


Donation Offer

Create a donation offer to allow visitors to donate to your site. Donations might work well for your site if your visitors view your site as a needed service ("The best free dictionary"), or see your site as fighting for a cause ("Saving the internet from misinformation"). 

  • Select the donation amounts for your visitors to choose from. You can also give visitors the option to specify their donation amount. 

  • By default, donators are allowed to pay the processing fee. 
  • You have the option to give the donator a free subscription for a set amount of time.


 Registration Offer

Allow your visitors to register with your website. 

A registration offer can allow your adblocking vistors the option to either disable their adblocker or signing up for your site. 

In the example above, this registration offer will give an adblocking visitor 30 days ad-free if they register. 


Email Collection Offer

Email collection is a useful tool to engage with your visitors. Email collection is first-party data which can be used to nudge visitors back to your website. 

Additionally, an email collection offer can allow your adblocking vistors the option to either disable their adblocker or provide their email. 

In the example above, this email collection offer will give an adblocking visitor 30 days ad-free once they provide their email. 


Social Media Offer

Create a social media offer to increase your social media following. 

Additionally, a social media offer can allow your adblocking vistors the option to either disable their adblocker or go to your social media page. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I've created an offer, what do I do now? Is my offer live?

You must add the offer to a journey. Then, you must enable the journey. For a walkthrough on this process, click here.   


I am a publisher outside of the United States. Can my subscription or donation offer accept non-US currency? 

Yes, when creating your offer, select your currency in the "General" section of the offer. We currently allow you to create offers that accept the following currencies:

Argentine Peso
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
British Pound
Canadian Dollar
Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Colombian Peso
Indian Rupee
Japanese Yen
Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso
Peruvian Sol
Romanian Leu
Singapore Dollar
South African Rand
Swiss Franc
US Dollar