How do I set up the Admiral Key-Value pair in my Google Ad Manager account?

In order to give publishers deeper insight into recovered impressions, we set a key/value pair that can be queried in GAM.

If your current bootstrap does not contain "admiral-engaged" you'll need to head to the install page for that property and replace your current bootstrap with the new one.

About the admiral-engaged key-value

Value: true - string

Impressions with the admiral-engaged key set are impressions Admiral has recovered via the Engage product. To generate impressions with the admiral-engaged key/value set they must have seen Engage with an active adblocker and subsequently disable their adblocker within 30 days.

How to set up in Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick For Publishers)

In order to configure Google Ad Manager to query on this KVP, you must set up key values of type predefined & reportable for the above key. 


Documentation on how to set up KVPs in DFP can be found here:

Admiral takes care of adding the KVPs to your ad calls, so you can ignore that portion of their documentation.

Once this configuration is complete, future data will be queryable by adding this custom criteria filter to your queries:


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Google Ad Manager account.
  2. Click on Inventory >> Key-values >> New Key
  3. Use the below information to configure the key-value:
    1. Name: admiral-engaged
    2. Display Name: Admiral Recovered Impression
    3. Value types: Users will select from predefined targeting values
    4. Report on values: Yes
    5. Make a dimension: No
  4. Click Add Values then enter true
  5. Click Save. You configuration should look like the below screenshot.

Creating the Admiral Key-Value Report

  1. Log into your Google Ad Manager account.
  2. Click Reports >> Queries >> New Query
  3. Use the below information to configure the Admiral Key-Value Report:
    1. Query Name: Admiral Recovered Impressions
    2. Report type: Historical
    3. Date range:
      1. Type: Dynamic
      2. Date range: Last month
    4. Filter: Key-values contain admiral-engaged=true
    5. Dimensions
      1. Date
      2. Key-values
      3. Ad unit (Top level)
  4. Under Metrics, select the following:
    1. Total impressions
    2. Total CPM and CPC Revenue
    3. Total average eCPM
  5. Under Scheduling and permissions
    1. Generate report
      1. Run report: Monthly
      2. Starts on: first day of the following month
      3. Click Apply
  6. Schedule report to send monthly to
  7. Click Save.

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