Excluding Acceptable Ads in Google Ad Manager Reporting

Create a report in GAM to track the impressions and revenue Admiral has recovered, exclusive of Acceptable Ads.

If your current bootstrap does not contain "admiral-engaged" you'll need to head to the install page for that property and replace your current bootstrap with the new one.

Excluding Acceptable Ads

Create the following reports in Google Ad Manager to exclude Acceptable Ads (reinserted ads) impressions and revenue. If you are using an Acceptable Ads vendor with Admiral, these reports need to be created using the following filters:

1) admiral-engaged=true AND up_recovery=true

2) admiral-engaged=true AND NOT up_recovery=true

3) NOT admiral-engaged=true AND up_recovery=true

4) NOT admiral-engaged=true AND NOT up_recovery=true


These reports should be scheduled monthly to be delivered on the first of each month for the previous month's reporting. Reports should be scheduled to send to billing@getadmiral.com


This is a screenshot from Google Ad Manager with these filters applied.