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What is Failsafe?

Maximize adblock recovery and ensure essential features like Subscriptions and Privacy & Consent function as expected.



What is Failsafe and why do I need it?

A growing number of visitors are using block lists and ad block extensions that attempt to circumvent a publisher's right to access control. Not only do these particular extensions block ads, they block a publisher's attempts to engage with visitors. These ad block extensions block offers, such as Subscriptions, as well as messages that attempt to manage a visitor’s access to the site. Fortunately, Admiral’s Failsafe feature restores a publisher’s right to require a value exchange to consume their content.

Failsafe alerts these particular visitors with a customizable message that tells them they have broken the normal operation of the website, and asks them to disable their adblocker. 


How does it work?

Admiral's Failsafe is built in to the install tag, so no network calls are required for it to function. If you already have Admiral installed and enable the failsafe you will need to update your install tag.


How do I start using Failsafe?

First, click on the Install tab in your Admiral dashboard menu and click “Enable Failsafe”.


Click on Design to update the design of your Failsafe message. 

(Unlike other Admiral messages, your Failsafe message is built into the install script. This means you will first make your changes to the design, and then copy and install the updated tag on your site.)


Click on the "Type" tab to choose between a Soft or Gated engage. A Soft engage means a visitor can click out of it and continue viewing content. A Gated engage means a user must disable their ad block extension (or specific browser settings) to continue viewing content. 


Click on the "Header" tab to add your logo and position the logo. You have options as to where you would like to place the logo in relation to the copy: top, bottom, left, right. 


Click the "Message" tab to change the headline and body message, as well as the button text. You can also select the color of the copy and the button. 


Click the "Footer" tab to edit the footer of the Failsafe message. You can edit the text and the colors. 


Now that you have edited the design of the Failsafe message, copy the install tag by clicking "Copy Code."


Install the update tag on your website by including it in the <head> of every page of the property you're tracking. Once the updated tag is installed, these particular visitors will be engaged with your Failsafe message.