How To: Troubleshoot Microsoft Edge (Computer)

Please follow the instructions below to check the settings in your Edge web browser to address the ad block message being displayed on a Publisher's website.


Please do the following to troubleshoot EDGE (Computer)...

  1. First, please do one of the following...
      • Click the "" icon in the top right corner of the page (to the left of the icon) and then scroll down and click '⚙️ Settings'. Then click "Privacy, Search and Services" from the menu on the left side of the screen .
        • Under "Tracking prevention" make sure that Tracking prevention is set to "Balanced" and not Strict.
        • Click "Exceptions" and then "Add a Site". Now type in the URL of the website without https:// or www. at the beginning of the URL or anything after the domain (.com, .net, etc.). Now click “Add”. Please confirm that the URL is now listed under "Tracking prevention is turned off for these sites".
    1. Next, please do the following...
      • Click " Extensions" to the right of the URL bar and then click Manage Extensions
        OR copy and paste the following into the URL bar: edge://extensions/
      • Here you will see a list of "Installed extensions" and we will need a screenshot for each time you have to scroll down to get a complete view of the full list. You will need to paste these screenshots as a reply to the email thread you have going with our support team for them to look at this list and determine if any of the Extension programs being used could be causing the ad block message to appear.
    1. Lastly, once the above has been done, please return to the tab with the website open and refresh the site by clicking the () icon to the left of the URL bar or open a new window and go to the site where you previously saw the ad block message...

      Are you still getting the ad block pop-up message?
      1. If you do NOT see the message any longer...
        Congratulations! You have fixed it. Give yourself a pat on the back.
      2. If, yes, you do still see the ad block message...
        Apologies. Something is still going wrong, and we will need to troubleshoot this further on a web call where we have you share your screen, and we will work through the issue together in real-time. To schedule a troubleshooting call, please CLICK HERE


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