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How do I update my payment method?

How to update your credit card information for your subscriptions.



Your subscription provider uses Admiral to manage your subscription. As a subscriber, you have a subscription account page. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to update your payment method(s). 

IMPORTANT: You will need to update your card in the "Payment Method" section as well as the "Subscription" section. See steps below. 


How to Update your Payment Method


1. To view your account, go to my.getadmiral.com.

2. Log in using your subscription email and password. 

3. Scroll down to Payment Method and update your payment method. (Keep going! You are not done just yet. You have to link your card )

4. Next, scroll down to the Subscriptions section.

5. Scroll to the subscription with a payment method you would like to change.

6. Click on "SHOW DETAILS".


8. You will then assign the new card as your method of payment for that subscription. 


NOTE: If you are subscribed to multiple publishers on my.getadmiral.com, and wish to change the method of payment for multiple subscriptions, you must change each one individually within the Subscriptions section.