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FAQs about the Adblock Recovery Message

Answers to common questions from publisher and visitors.


FAQs from publishers about the Adblock Recovery message

Q: What is this adblock recovery message showing on my site?
A: You have partnered with Admiral to protect your ad stack from adblockers, which will thus recover ad revenue.  When we detect your ad stack is being blocked by a visitor, we Engage the visitor with a message asking them to support free content by allowlisting your site.  When a visitor allowlists your site, it unlocks full-stack recovery of your ad stack, not limited to any particular demand or unit. 

Q. Can I exclude specific visitors from seeing the adblock recovery message?
A. Yes, exclusion targeting can be configured and Admiral can help. https://learn.getadmiral.com/target-specific-audiences  Who would you like to exclude?

Q. Can I run multiple Journeys at the same time?
A. Yes, you can run as many Journeys at the same time as you like. To give preference to one Journey (i.e., make sure this Journey is shown before other Journeys), you can adjust the "weight". Within a Journey, click the kabob menu at the top right and select "Edit Journey", then adjust the weight to be higher than your other Journeys. 

Q. What kind of recovery rates should we expect?
A. Recovery rates can vary depending on a number of factors, including site affinity, visitor loyalty, frequency, vertical, geo, message and more. Full stack recovery yields the highest revenue of any adblock recovery method.

Q. How do you tell if a visitor is recovered?
A. We use a combination of first-party cookies and local storage to keep track of visitors that have disabled their adblocker after seeing the Engage message. Then, each time they come to the site we know they are a recovered visitor. 

Q. Where should we direct visitors who are having technical issues?
A. There is a support link on the Engage itself in the bottom right corner that leads to our support team who will walk them through the issues they are having.

Q. What about my subscribers who get ad-free browsing as part of their subscription?
A. We are able to target away from existing subscribers to maintain an ad-free experience. Typically we do this using the publisher’s existing cookie for identifying subscribers.

Q. We are seeing some issues with the display of the Adblock Recovery messaging. What is wrong?
A. Occasionally, some styles on page may be inherited and cause display issues. If this arises, please notify our team to disable and we can then correct the styles on our end to display as expected. 


FAQs from publishers' visitors about the Adblock Recovery Message

Q. Why am I seeing this adblock recovery message?
A. Something on the visitor’s browser is blocking ads. To no longer see the message, the visitor needs to disable their adblocker on the site, also known as "allowlisting" the site.

Q. I’ve disabled my adblocker, why am I still seeing the ad recovery message?
A. The visitor likely has another adblocker installed that they are not aware of. For example, Firefox has a built-in adblocker called Enhanced Tracking Protection.  Note, sometimes visitors with a "data", "tracking", or"privacy" blocker don’t realize it blocks ads. This is particularly true if "Ad" or "Adblock" is not in the name of the adblocker. For example, Malwarebytes Browser Guard is a commonly used extension that functions as an adblocker, and visitors often do not realize this because the name does not explicitly sound like an adblocker.

Q. How do I turn off my adblocker?
A. It depends on which browser and Adblocker the visitor is using. Follow the instructions by clicking the "Disable Adblocker" button. If your adblocker is not listed, you may want to use our general guide here: https://learn.getadmiral.com/how-do-i-turn-off-my-adblocker

Q. I understand that I have an adblocker, but why do I have to disable it? 
A. Publishers rely on ads as a source of income. By disabling your adblocker, you are directly supporting what the site has to offer.