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Emails Admiral May Send to Users

List of the emails that users may receive from Admiral. Password Reset, Charge Failed, etc.

Charge Failed - when a charge fails, we send an email letting them know that their charge failed, and providing them a link where they can update their payment information. They are also told that the charge will be retried, and if it continues to fail after three retries, the subscription will be cancelled.
Email Verification - when they sign up for a subscription or for any email collecting offer or add-on, they receive this email requesting to verify that email address.
Subscription Confirmation - Confirms they have subscribed to a property for any offer.
Subscription Cancellation - Confirms that their subscription has been cancelled.
Intro Pricing Changing to Regular Pricing - This is sent out to comply with VISA regulations which require an email be sent when their intro period is about to conclude and lets them know the date that normal pricing will begin.
Migrated Subscribers Notification Email - In the case of imported subscriptions from another provider or tool being moved to Admiral, when we complete the migration and import the subscribers, we send an email with a link telling them where they should update/add their payment information.