Adding Payment for Modified Subscriptions

Please be advised that if a subscription has been modified, as a security best practice, payment processors only allow the subscriber to link payment methods to an active subscription.

Below is our current process...

  • A request for modification comes in from a subscriber or publisher; our #CustomerLove team makes the change in our system.
  • An email is generated by this change and is sent to the email associated with the subscription, letting the subscriber know changes have occurred to their subscription and asking them to configure payment information for the subscription by clicking a button in the email.
  • When the button is clicked, the subscriber will be asked to log in via their original sign-on method (email/password, Google or Facebook).
  • The subscriber can either set a pre-entered payment method as the new default or click "Add Payment Method" to key in a new billing method. The method will then appear and can be set as the default. One must be selected for the "Set Payment Method" to become solid and clickable.
  • Next, the subscriber will see "Thank you for updating your payment method. You may close this window".
  • If the subscriber would like to confirm everything is set up in working order, they can go to and sign in. Scroll down to the subscription and check under "Payment Methods" to ensure the correct info is displayed here.